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The Secret To Delicious Home-Cooked Spiced Meals…

At Asharun we believe that with quality ingredients and a simple set of instructions you can cook amazing spiced meals all at home. We have a fabulous selection of hand-blended spice kits all with our shopping list and simple to follow recipes, the hardest thing to do is decide which spice kit to try next!

Our family Garam Masala recipe has been passed down from generations, with bags of flavour from the highest quality spices, and this follows through from the Indian Spice Kits through to the Tex-Mex and Moroccan Spice Kits, quality spices always the starting point.

At Asharun we are Special

By sticking to our core beliefs we have created authentic perfect blend of quality spices and herb, carefully stone ground and hand blended spice kits just for you. We include a shopping list on the back so you know exactly what you need, with carefully written cooking instructions on the inside of packet; options for the Hob, Oven, Aga or Slow Cooker. Providing fast or slow cooking.

Why Should You Cook From Home?

• Know what you eat: Asharun instructions list all fresh ingredients for cooking, always buy local and fresh. All Asharun Kits are 100% natural ingredients. So one can be happy knowing they have cooked an incredible dish from the very basics.
• Flavour not Chilli Burn: With Asharun Spice Kits we add dried chilli flakes (not chilli powder) just enough to give flavours. The option is your to add a fresh chilli to your taste. That makes the Madras mild too... but with the full flavour of black cardamom and curry leaves.
• Its Our Secret: Hide the packaging and tell your family and friends that its yours, we don't mind! Truth has it, you cooked it anyway!

Enjoy Cooking, Love Eating!

Behind every Asharun Spice Kit is the core belief that quality ingredients equal amazing food. We select the finest spices, tempur them, carefully stone grind making sure that the oil in the spices is released and then hand blend. However none of this happens until you order. Spices start to loose flavour and aroma the moment you grind, so to make sure you get the best we only grind them to order... to ensure full flavour and aroma.

"Making any one a truly great world cuisine chef in their own home."